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Web Design

Vina School

Establishing an Online Presence for Vina School.

Summary: Revolutionized Vina School’s digital identity by crafting a brand-new website from the ground up, providing a modern and user-friendly platform.

Result: The outcome has led to increased engagement with parents, improved accessibility to important information, and enhanced overall online reputation. The website not only reflects the school’s values but also contributes to a positive first impression for prospective students and parents.


Web Design and ICT Training

Anchor Leadership Academy

Summary: Designed and developed a dynamic marketing website for Anchor Leadership Academy, implementing an intuitive interface that seamlessly showcases the institution’s IGCSE curriculum.

Additionally, our ICT training services have empowered students, fostering a technologically adept educational environment.


Web Design

Convos Bridge Wellness

Summary: Created a compelling marketing website for Convos Bridge Wellness, offering a welcoming online space for individuals seeking therapy and counseling services.

Result :The new website not only increased visibility but also facilitated easier appointment scheduling, contributing to improved client satisfaction. Our focus on user experience has helped establish Convos Bridge Wellness as a trusted mental health resource.


UX/UI Design, Social media research and analytics


Summary : Revamped Yours2Read’s website with a comprehensive UX/UI redesign, enhancing the platform’s visual appeal and user interaction.
Our social media research and analytics services identified strategic content opportunities, resulting in increased online engagement and broader reach.

Result :The combined efforts significantly elevated the brand’s online presence within the literary community.


Coding Classes

Kua Zone

Summary : Provided remote coding classes for kids and teens, adapting to the evolving landscape of education. Our services facilitated accessible and engaging learning experiences, fostering a passion for STEAM subjects.

Result :The initiative not only expanded Kua Zone’s reach but also contributed to the organization’s mission of promoting STEAM education as an essential component of modern learning.


Coding Classes and Graphic Design

Nurture Gardens Resource Centre

We offer coding classes services to Nurture Gardens Resource Centre, enriching the leanrning experience. The incorporation of these services has not only expanded the curriculum but also enhanced students’ digital literacy and creativity.

The marketing flyers we create for them has further amplified the visibility of the resource center, attracting new families interested in a holistic and innovative approach to education.

Nurture gardens resource canter

Web Design

Broadfield Security Services

Developed a brand-new marketing website that effectively communicates Broadfield Security Services’ commitment to safety and professionalism. The website serves as a powerful tool for client acquisition, showcasing the company’s services and expertise. The modern design and user-friendly interface have contributed to increased inquiries and client confidence in the company’s capabilities.


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