At AmpiTech we accept responsibility, work with integrity, and lead by example. That's why we came up with AmpiTech Academy to teach STEAM education to young ones aged 8 -17 years.

 Here at AmpiTech, we offer an experience unlike any other for kids on the STEAM. We assist kids and teens to push past the boundaries of school and bonding over the latest tech topics. Led by expert instructors, they encounter breakthrough moments. Triumphs that make you proud. Challenges that help you grow. With each line of code perfected, each video game developed, and every obstacle overcome, you build skills to forge a brilliant future.

Our curriculum has been curated and customized to suit your kids’ age and interests. We teach the in-demand skills that they just can’t get in school. Here they learn how to code, create a YouTube video or motion graphics, design games and explore robotics! They undergo rigorous orientation and guidance in picking one of our tech topics! With individual attention from our instructors, they’ll build in-demand skills and create a completely personalized project.

Topics for every interest and desire.

  • Coding i.e Robotics, Web development, and mobile app development

  • Game Dev i.e. making 2D and 3D games

  • Creative i.e Video Editing and Motion Graphics, and Graphic Design

    Our Programs include;

    • Online Private Lessons

    • Bootcamps

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